Friday, November 20, 2009

I've been Choo'd

I'm sure you're all bored of me waffling on about the Jimmy Choo crossover, but hey, when a girl loves her shoes, what's there to do?
So the question is...
Did I wake up early and get in line on the 14 Nov?
YES, well sort of.
Did I come home with goodies?
Well to cut a long story short I didn't wake up early enough and products were off the rack and in people's bags way earlier than I had predicted. So how did I get my hands on the items below?

Hong Kong's Yahoo auction site.
It's far more lenient compared to EBay and as a first time buyer it's been a rewarding experience, I found the opportunity to "strike it lucky" i.e come across a friendly and helpful seller, bargain the price, save on delivery charges and get my hands on the item within the next day.

So what did I buy?
Gray suede peep toe booties

Black leather shoulder Bag

My eyes had feast upon these since the collection preview, I can't wait to wear them out, but the only downfall is having to re-heel them first due to the delicate leather soles. I'm still apprehensive in parading these, but a walking stick may help.

Did any of you join the queue and pick up anything from the collection??

Whilst I was out shopping over the weekend, I spotted some delectable items that were ever so cute, I had to take a quick snap shot. They were not displayed like so, but naughty me decided to re-organize everything for the camera's sake.

Ice Cream flavoured Lip Balms
Purse those lips- Lip Balm
For those of you who would like to get your hands on these, I've seen them on ASOS.
Click on the blue links for info.

Naughty but nice Lip Gloss Pots

What else did I pick up over the weekend?
Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Shades in 480

The texture is silky smooth and absolutely divine.
I'll post swatches up on my next post.

On the subject of shopping, I have found a fantastic shopping partner, in fact a bestie. She has a great sense of humor, somehow is able to read my mind LOL and is such a sweetie that there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to shop with her.

The only catch is, she lives in LaLa land so until I next see her, the only window shopping we can do together is by the internet. Meeting Lisa from Shop N' Chomp was so much fun. Dearest Lisa not only brought with her a fabulous smile but came bearing gifts.

Thank You So So Much Lisa
I Miss you loads!!

To complete this post, I'll leave you with a photo of the latest YSL MOOK (Magazine book).
Has anyone got their hands on one? It comes with a free canvas tote bag, of which I would say is far better quality than some I've received in the past.


Diane said...

OMG so many things I need to comment on! First, I love and I mean LOVE your Jimmy Choo shoes, they are so hot! Girl I love your shoe style.

Aren't the Guerlain palettes great? Is that one from the Holiday collection? Lisa is such a sweetie! How cool that you guys were able to meet up and go shopping.

okay, one last thing. I want that YSL Mook SOOOO BAD! When did it come out? *So Jealous*

Okay i'm done, haha. =)

stellarvixen said...

hehe you have expensive taste.. lemming for Hasselblad $$

OMG you got choo-ed by H&M collection! congratsss and you got the easy way OUT lol me eyeing the studded stars collection..
versatile zippy leather bag too!

what a dark sexy palette from guerlain! are the e/s pigmented? i recently got my claws on their sugary meteorites ball..mystic & fresh pink luv luv 1st experience with Guerlain lol

NICEEE tote from YSL emook lux feeling i like the band printings!
i like all your picks...

MizzJ said...

Ooh nice haul! I love the colors of that shadow palette!

amynaree said...

Girl! I'm loving those Choo boots and bag!! I was planning to snag one of their bags too but haven't gotten a chance yet.

Great hauls ^__*

Becks said...

nice haul! I didn't bother for the H&M stuff, hehe not much of a Jimmy Choo devotee but I did see this dude on the train with two big bags - he had to have been buying for his daughter or something lol!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hello bestie!! Holy eff, those pics of your goodies...WOW! I have never seen any pics of any real person (models don't count!) wearing the peep toes and my oh my are those DIVINE! Of course you must wear them with red toes for that HOT SEX effect yeah? :) Your bag looks so much nicer than on the website. I love the contrast of the silver against the black. And the zipper pull is just way too cool! Oh why must you tempt me with your HK haul pics?! You guys get the cutest stuff. The Guerlain palette looks TDF and I look forward to some EOTDs with that. *wink* As a bit of label whore, I must visit my local Kinokuniya bookstore and have a looksie at that YSL bag now.

Yumeko said...

i am all bitter and heartbroken now that she is your bestie T-T

hahah just joking!!

in other news, i love that guerlain palette!
i saw that ysl bag here but i didnt think abt buying it..

Dina (XYYan) said...

love the shoes!!! and the bag too.
those ice cream flavoured lip balms are so cute.

Marz said...

Those cupcake lip glass pots looks adorable!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

OH mann I admire you!!!!! soo much!!!! that pair of shoes and the bag very good choice, something exactly I would buy and + that pair of flats from Shop & Chomp hehe :)

Love your new hauls very nice and your YSL bag hehe :)

Blovet Beauty said...

girl~ u are super stylish. that shoe looks drop dead gorgeous on u, if i saw u strutting around in that I would be mad jealous!! and i am a sucker for bags bags bags, so you know that black leather bag is so oMG gorgeous!!!

sizbelle said...

your choo haul is as fab as what lisa got... you gals really got me drooling on my keyboard and longing for choo's stuff..

your feet look really good in that piece. any update on your trial walking on them out?

ur guerlain palette is pretty too, i wana get one for this x'mas... *gota work out my shopping again!

Old Cow said...

Now this is a shexy post my dear!!

Those shoes look killer on you!!! ayyyyyyyy.

Ah i have seen the bestest lip balms must grab you one I just know that you will adore the boudoiresque packaging.


Blair said...

OMG, your new booties are oh so gorgeoussss!

I want me more kit kats!! Have you eaten the ume one? What do you think of it?

XRocksmama said...

wow nice goodies! I just love EVERYTHING (drooling...) lol

Ahleessa said...

The Guerlain eyeshadow palette is so hot! I hope you will post an EOTD/FOTD with that palette. I would love to see it! :)

By the way, I found out today it's not Surprise Steals. It's Sweet Steals. My mistake!... hehe~

I didn't know you were from Hong Kong. I heard Japanese products are cheaper there than Japan. You lucky girl!... hehe~

evie said...

i love the boots!!!

the lip gloss pot is so cute!great haul! ^^

Vanilla said...

wow u r so lucky to get those goodies !
blogger meeting would be fun !hehe
i wonder where ppl can get that ysl mook !?i want that ysl,looks pretty !hehe

Zoe said...

Wow..u good such nice stuff from Choo..U have such a great elegant and classy..
Those lip palm and lip glosses look super pretty...

Emily said...

wah!!!! omg so awesome :) jimmy choo *___* sooooo pretty!!!!!!!!

i love it , so pretty, u hav a nice taste in fashion nice to meet blogger ppls, i would like to meet up with blogger buds someday! & also meet up with u sum day :)

those lipbalms r too cute!!!
and wow nice palette^_^

Closet Full of Nothing said...

haha that's awesome! I was so sad to have missed out on this... but I shall live through you haha.. the boots are GORGEOUS!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i'd totally need a walking stick wearing those...or maybe a wheelchair? heheheh

fantastic purchases, girl!

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

LOL at "I might need a walking stick!" Just stumbled across your blog and am loving it so far. :)

Midtown Girl said...

Congrats on your Choo scores!!

The only thing I had my eyes on was the long black dress with the slit...but sadly (and obviously) it was sold out...sad face ;-(

But I am so happy you got these great pieces darling!!


stellarvixen said...

haha that GIGANTIC souffle is legendary in AsiaPac region lol
Tai Ping Restaurant is one of the oldest eatery in HK ..ohh how i miss their swiss chicken wings too!

i'll be visiting HK this Xmas for 9 days!!
making a list of to beautypicks and eatouts haha

thanks to your blog i know whereto go about too *hugsss tor che tor che

Viva La Fashion said...

that's so depressing to get up early and not get up early enough. :(

Mona said...

I'm totally oogling at your CHOO purchases... drooling and all!

Midtown Girl said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi doll!! Hope your Monday is going well ;-)


Farah said...

oooh..lucky you! got your hands on those Choos!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! xo

Toothfairy said...

Icecream lipbalm... that sounds sooo good! haha


Liang said...

I am so jealous! I was dying to own a pair of those heels but there is no H&M near me or any neighboring states! I would've had to fly pretty far to even snatch anything at all.

Congrats on your purchases :]

stellarvixen said...

thanks for your lovely remarks in my past post! sweet sie hor :P
hehe not easy to find a flattering LDB with so many to pick from T.T

will you be in HK this holiday seasons?

NottyEvil said...

i wasn't patient enough to line up for the choos x h&m day. LURRRVE those boots but i'm gonna have trouble walking in them haha.

can't agree more that lisa is such a sweetie, i'm trying to organize a newb giveaway and she is so kind to have offered tips and helpful guidelines!

-elle♡ said...

omg your buys are amazing. im so in love !! omgggggg those lipbalms are the cutest ever. hehe i am like mentally jumping up and down at those...i just NEED those. too bad they don't have asos in canada :'(

Lauren said...

those jimmy choo shoes look AMAZING.