Friday, September 25, 2009

Products used in my 'Daily Beauty Routine'

Hope you've all been well, I've been bogged down with all sorts recently, hence my disappearance from the blogosphere and lack of posts. This is most definitely a long over due tag from Zoe of 13 December so here goes with my Daily Beauty Routine.

I'm sure you've all read raves about the following products, so I shan't go into any details
Lancome Bi-Facial cleanser for the eyes
Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I've been trying out different brands of cleansers over the years and find that certain drugstore brands work just as well as high end products. One of the drugstore cleansers I like is the SIMPLE Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, which was purchased in HK and the SIMPLE Moisturising Facial Wash, this was purchased in London and not available in HK. Both of these cleansers remind me of the SKII Facial Treatment Cleanser I previously used.

I have sensitive and a combination skin type and both the SIMPLE products cleanses without drying and gives no harsh results like some I've tested, which is great for the skin and the wallet.

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist
Glycel Hydro-Firm Treatment Essence
Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster
Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30

Currently testing out the SIMPLE Regeneration Eye Cream
so far so good and absorbs like a charm.

I tend to switch between products after a period of time and currently going through a trial with the Diorsnow range.
Diorsnow Sublissime UV Ultimate whitening UV Base SPF 50-PA+++
Diorsnow White Reveal Essence
Diorsnow White Reveal Lotion 2

My current foundation choice varies from the items below:
Lunasol Contraol Makeup Base
Lunasol Modeling Water Liquid Foundation
L'egere white multi BB cream
MAQuillAGE Pore Perfect Cover
Chantecaille Real Skin Foundation

EYE MAKE-UPOn certain days I may go without eyeshadow but eyeliner and mascara is a MUST for me.
My current favorites-From top to bottom
Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Black Mascara
Vic's secret heated lash curler
Kate by Kanebo Quick eyeliner BK-1
Make up for ever Aqua eyes o1
Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof
Benefit Boi-ing concealer

I've hit pan on my two loves- the Chantecaille's cheek shade in silk
and NARS blush in Orgasm.
MAQuillAGE contour palette
Bourjois Blush- 16 Rose
Anna Sui face color-500

COLOURING in My LIPSDepending on my mood- I've recently been rotating over the above colours.
From left to right:
Chanel Rouge Allure 14 Passion
Bobbi Brown 32 Rum Raisin
Bobbi Brown Berry Glitter
Bobbi Brown Baby Pink Glitter
Bobbi Brown Champagne Glitter
Benefit Kiss Me
Chanel Rouge Allure 01 Delicate

If anyone would like reviews on the above mentioned products, drop me a comment.

The creative Zoe and sweet Amy bestowed upon me a Beautiful Blogger Award,
Thank you ladies!

Zoe from 13 december also gave me the following double awards- Thank You!!


Jamilla Camel said...

I love the Microfoliant the the HR mascara too!

XRocksmama said...

I love Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster! Now you remind me I got to look into more of their products :) I'm interested in DiorSnow UV base, can't wait to see how you like it.

Blair said...

Please review MAQuillAGE Pore Perfect Cover? Have you tried the foundations/bases from Coffret D'or or Esprique Precious?

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for sharing :) very interesting, I love Daily Microfoliant!!! I've got both Maquillage and Bourjois blush too, Wow what a coincidence !!

Becks said...

ooo your lippies are so pretty, thanks for sharing!

amynaree said...

nice beauty routine!! i really need to try HR mascara have been hearing a lot of good reviews about it ^__*

oooh blushies, i really want to try the Chantecaille's blush now since you have hit pan on it!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Congrats on the awards and thanks for sharing your routine, C! :) How are you liking the DiorSnow line right now? Would love to hear more about the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 when you have the time. Thanks!

chicncheap said...

Thanks for the tips! I have similar skin and can only afford drugstore now so will check out Simple Facial Wash. Would love to hear about DiorSnow when you're through with it!

Blovet Beauty said...

ooohh.. my skin type looks different from urs, cause I can't use simple or dermalogica, but I really love ur eye product picture!! could u review Make up for ever Aqua eyes o1 and the dior products pls?

geisharock said...

oooh really interesting post :) thanks! could you give a breakdown of the colours of the lipsticks/glosses? xoxo

Toothfairynotes said...

I'm a huge dermalogica fan! And I use the daily microfoliant as well..

anyway, wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your support and that you've been TAGGED in my latest post.
Don't think you've done this one already...


Midtown Girl said...

Oooh love the blush colors!!

I need to rotate lip colors as well - I always stick with my fav MAC shade - Lust ;-)


Ahleessa said...

Wow you have so many high ends brands *jealous*... hehe~ I feel like I'm drooling just looking at your pictures.

May said...

Congrats on your awards! You have a great daily beauty routine. How do you like the Diorsnow White line? I want to try it.

Zoe said...

Hey thanks a lot for doing this post,I love the products u use...the simple eyecream looks really interseting ..I really wanna try it now^^
I really love evrything u use for ur makeup especially for ur eyes..great review*

freshelle said...

oo Diorsnow. I'm thinking of trying this line. would you be able to give us a review on these products? thanks in advance and great blog!!!

Toothfairynotes said...

I'm glad you liked the new blog layout!

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for the warm comfort! Tobey is doing much better. :)

I hope you post soon... hehe~

Jowy said...

Thnx for sharing ya beauty wisdom!! lovin this post.

One Love,

Midtown Girl said...

Another award for you darling!


M said...

i love all your pics in this post haha!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

I've been looking for a new cleanser... getting sick of Vichy..! great post :)