Thursday, August 13, 2009

Searching for an eyeshadow palette for fall

I've been on the search for another eyeshadow palette lately and after a quick browse in Central today the indecisiveness in me still had trouble in choosing one. In the end I put it down to not actually liking any that I physically tried. So come on Lunasol hurry and release the Fall 09' star palettes...there's not long to go but somehow August 21st feels like years ahead.

Ipsa eyeshadow duo's & lip glosses for fall 09'

Lunasol Autumn 09' Star shower eyeshadow collection
I have my eye on 03 'Dazzling Night' and 05 'Close of Night'

Estée Lauder Limited edition Eyeshadow Quad
with Hammered Gold Design- #Rose Gold
the following pic' isn't true to colour I'd say it's more rosy pink

Lancome Palette Liberte #02 Or Liberte
The colours are more bronzy gold in person

Maquillage x Alexander Wang 'Live in Your Makeup'
Limited Collection BR364 BR365

YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres Fall 09'- #Midnite

Laneige Designing Eyes fall 09' Collection

I was more intrigued with the packaging than the actual eyeshadow itself, as it was far too sheer for my liking. In the end I didn't purchase it but a friend did.
Which palettes do you have your eyes on??


Shopn'Chomp said...

Must I choose? :P Ok, then it would have to be the Lunasol and Maquillage palettes. Thanks for the palette porn!!

Blair said...

MQ BR365 and Lunasol 03 Dazzling Night!

Diane said...

All these palettes look great, but I like the Lunasol and the YSL palettes the best. I'm sad to hear the Laneige palette was too sheer.

Jackie said...

Those a re beautiful palettes. I love the design on the YSL one ^^

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hi Friends, I'm not really an eye shadow person, right now I just been using Lunasol's orange palate (the one you bought as well) that's my absolute favorite I think I will use that until I hit pan on it :)

but I have my eyes on the Ipsa lip gloss, they're sooo cute hehe, if we have an Ipsa counter in Perth I will run in there right now

Comrade Garlic said...

The Lunasol, Lancome and YSL are my favorites. The EL is pretty but, the shimmer is overspray. Under the overspray is gone the shadow under is pretty blah.

Zoe said...

I really love Lunasol,Maquillage and Laneige. But they are so pricey here..The Laneige eyeshadow pallette looks really pretty , I 'd probably go for that^^;

May said... many lovely palettes. I love the Lunasol the best.

Yumeko said...

i have no idea what i am getting
i never plan ahead enough XD
but everything looks good
miss u!

Old Cow said...

I think that you have actually made me look twice at an Estee Lauder palette!!.......Rosy gold?? oooooh LUSH!!

Amanda K said...

All those palettes look great!

Midtown Girl said...

I'm loving your blog header!

The sage-ish color in the Lancome palette is a color I have been searching for sometime now - so thanks for posting it! ;-)

Great eye shadow choices!


M said...

guerlain? hahahah
the estee lauder palette grabbed my attention

MiuMiu said...

i hope lunasol would come out earlier so i could see them in person in korea. they seem to be quite slow on releasing new items. =/