Monday, August 24, 2009

Lunasol Star Shower Eyes 01

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!
This week has been scorching hot in HK and for my living room air-con to go on strike and break down on Friday evening, it would either mean resorting to the bedroom at 7pm or to go OUT...
a night owl like me chose the better option.

Dinner was quite a disappointment so no food porn I'm afraid, but drinks on a balcony in high heat EVEN at midnight was a touch more bearable with fans supplied by the Deluxe Wine bar and of course being in great company made up for it all.

Enjoying cocktails!!

Back to the beauty news- Lunasol launched their fall collection on the 21st Aug in HK and needless to say I was there at the counter swatching away. I had my eyes fixed on 03 Dazzling Night, which the colours didn't quite live up to what I expected. My second choice was 05 Close of night, which is a touch more peachy brown compared to my Orange Gradation palette.

05 Close of Night

I decided to think about the two I previously fell for,
and purchased the 01 Start of Night.

The swatches are not too clear on paper I'm afraid

Swatches on the hand are more true to it's colour

EOTD's coming SooN!!


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Nice choice on the palate, perfect for your cooler weather :) the brown on here look more sparkly comparing to the orange gradation is it?

Old Cow said...


Its between the Lunasol Geminate Cat's Eye or this one for me.....toss a coin?

Should not be getting either really!!

sizbelle said...

their palette color are Sooooo prettty!

♥akisa♥ said...

Omg !!!!!! You got THE TWO palettes I want!!!! Can't wait for your EOTDs!!

Diane said...

I like the Lunasol palette you bought, good choice. Thanks for the swatches.

Cocktails usually make things a little better =)

amynaree said...

so pretty! it's been hot over here as well and that cocktail looks good!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Sorry to hear about the air-con. :( Hope you get it fixed soon!

Oh why must you tempt me so? :) That is one gorgeous palette. Plus, I adore your pics of your midnight fun! Can't wait for your EOTDs!

Emily said...

woo the place looks pretty at night

hmm..nice colors u got, lunasol oo so pretty

Fuyumini ❤ said...

Gorgeous colors! Thanks for the swatches. I like the 01 palette for the cranberry color. :D

May said...

I think August is the most hottest month in Hong Kong. Even though I was born there, I can't no longer stand the heat and humidity there.

The Lunasol palettes are so pretty. Great choice! Thanks for the swatches:] It's so much more fun to shop in person and test the colors than shopping online. I'll probably would get it when I come back to HK in Dec.

Blair said...

The swatches are prettier than expected! I'm still holding out for 03 Dazzling Night though =D

MizzJ said...

That last swatch is quite pretty and looks good on your skin!

Midtown Girl said...

Loving the neutrals!

And I am in totally agreement with you - the weather here in NYC is similar...DREADFUL!


Yumeko said...

ooh u got that!!! i havent gotten it
keep thinking i should wait for dutyfree hahaha

Zoe said...

I 'd like to tell u that it was x100 times hotter here and still is , I can't stand it T T
The restaurant looks so classy, can u give me one of ur cocktails, please?the heat is killing me^^;
Love your Lunasol palettes, it's the brand that I really desire for..great review^^

M said...

cocktails! we need to go for fruity cocktails next time!!

i wanna see an eotd!

the little star in the palette is so cute