Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goods of Desire- Mooncakes

For those of you who would like a true taste of Hong Kong merchandise, I would suggest GOD (Goods of Desire), which is a store I love to browse around in, it's full of quirky items ranging from furniture, clothes, kitchen ware to accessories. It's award winning signature products certainly represents HK pretty well.

Tote shopping bags contain prints of old HK newspapers and images of past buildings.

T shirts with prints of 60's HK artists, double happiness coasters, good fortune wine bottle stops, almanac coasters and so forth. It's a fun place to stop by when you're in town.

Considering the Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner, I've been browsing various cake shops for mooncakes to send back to my parents. Mooncake (月饼) is a round shape Chinese pastry which is sold during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of every lunar year.

I had herd that GOD had collaborated with a well known cake shop to produce their own brand of mooncakes last year, but I didn't have the chance to take a peek at them until this time round and to my surprise this is what I found.

Mooncakes shaped like the rounded prominences
of the human torso.

Talk about a full moon!
I doubt my parents would be happy to see these arrive on their doorstep.

It surely makes a difference to the traditional mooncakes you see every year LOL!

I would like to Thank the Sweet Shop N' Chomp for the blogger buddie award and shall pass this onto Nothing but a cardboard cut-out girl, Blair, Shanghainese Dumpling, Bittenbefore, Make me Blushhh and last but not least 13 December

Thank You all for reading.


Zoe said...

Thanks a lot for the award^^

Those Hongkong goodies are so pretty, is that cartoon on the red cup one of TVB celebrities?

My email

Miss.Friendz said...

Ah you guessed rite, it sure is Lydia Shum Din-Ha.

Blair said...

Ahhh I can already imagine the raised brows IF I send this to my parents hahaha

Ahhh, thanks for the award!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

Love those buns!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Omg, those mooncakes...hahaha! I guess you can "moon" anyone anytime now. :P

Aw, are you having a bad day? I hate it when I remember bad stuff. :(

Diane said...

When I first saw the picture of the "mooncakes" I was thinking those don't look like the mooncakes I'm use to... LOL.

kirin said...

The mooncake looks funny! ^_^
It was again almost 10 years ago that I went to HK last time! Time flies! Next time when I have a chance to go there, I'd like to check out more places you introduce in this blog.

Anonymous said...

lmao! Those mooncakes are so funny.

amynaree said...

i like the mooncakes with the durian filling..mmm yum

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I love your moon cakes hehe :) it'll be a good present...but don't give them to your parents LOL :)

Those stuff from GOD is soo nice I love old vintage looking things, thanks for the website. Are you into Vintage clothes too?

Also thanks for the blogger buddie award :)

MizzJ said...

hahaha those moon cakes are funny! I don't think I could eat them though, they're too ridiculous. Looks like a cute store!

M said...

get those mooncakes for your parents just for kicks puahahhaha

thank you for the award love!

i sent you an email earlier today :D