Monday, August 17, 2009

Exfoliating shower time

SANA Esteny Spicy Grapefruit Salt Wash- I purchased this on my last shopping trip in my local Japanese supermarket and was actually captivated by the fresh and sweet smell of this scrub.

The packaging states that it helps firm the skin whilst exfoliating, but I'm sure all wise beauty buyers know that one can't exactly firm up their skin after several washes by just using an exfoliator but I needed to stock up on a shower scrub anyway, so I gave this a try.

The packaging reminded me of a refill shampoo pack with a cap, which wasn't too convenient to use in the shower when your hands are wet as you end up squeezing out more than necessary.

The Salt exfoliator is a shade of pink once removed from the container, as you slowly circulate this onto the skin it turns peachy/white.

The condensed salt exfoliator is quite harsh compared to regular sugar scrubs, as it takes longer to dissolve. So I'd suggest you use smaller amounts on delicate parts of your body and possibly more on knees and elbows.

Smells of rosy grapefruit and the fragrance doesn't linger;
cheap and cheerful HK$79 (£6.20) (US$10);
Size- comes in a 250g pack;
super soft results.

This may be too harsh for those with sensitive skin;
Salt grains are not refined enough;
Not user friendly packaging.

I wasn't too keen on this product during the whole exfoliating process, during my first two attempts I squeezed out too much and it actually felt a little painful to circulate into the skin. However, I must admit it has given me extremely SOFT skin so I shall continue to use this until my next trial of something new.


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for the review :) I'll keep a look out for this one.

Blair said...

the words super soft skin sold me hahaha

Diane said...

Good review. I'm one of those weirdos that don't mind a exfoliator that's a little painful. (good thing I don't have sensitive skin) I just hate how most body exfoliators come in packaging that is a hassel once your in the shower. What's with that?

Rosy grapefruit smell and super soft skin? I think I might have to try it! Haha thanks!

amynaree said...

ooh this sounds interesting! i like good smelly stuff :)

Torie Jayne said...

Great review! Have a great week!x

Shopn'Chomp said...

Awesome review, C! I've smelled grapefruit scents before, but "spicy" grapefruit is a first. Why does that last pic remind me of sago? Hee hee...

May said...

I like grapefruit scent. Thanks for the review. I've always wonder about this product.

Fuyumini ❤ said...

Sounds like a great product except for the packaging.. but for soft skin, I can live with that! Thanks for the great review!

Zoe said...

Thanks for the to try it one day^^

Old Cow said...

Great minds!!! bla bla bla

WHAT?? Well my dear I was going to do a post on body scrubs because I am on the hunt for a thorough get right into it gritty scrub! And instead I have found that UK loves these gentle formulations that do NOTHING!!

I may resort to sandpaper!

Yumeko said...

wow i always wanted to try this, i think i shall have to give it a go now

M said...

sorry it was painful! it looks like it smells good at least =X

Old Cow said...

No sand paper!!!

I found someone who sells this and I am grabbing it!!

Miss.Friendz said...

Ahh well done, it's a relief to hear that the sand paper is no longer needed.