Friday, August 28, 2009

EOTD & Lagging TAGS!

EOTD using the MAQuillAGE BR365 palette.
The shades are a touch more shimmery in person compared to what's captured on camera. The texture of the shadow is quite soft and great for highlighting. However, the eyeliner is quite difficult to apply with the provided brush so using your personal liner brush would be recommended.

Used Helena Rubinstein Queen Lash Feline Mascara
MAQuillAGE Eyes Creator BR365
Too Faced Eyeshadow insurance

I was tagged by the lovely Shop N' Chomp to do the
1. A pouch I carry my iPod in, along with receipts;
2. Wallet;
3. Card holder;
4. Coin purse;
5. Eco-bag;
6. iPhone;
7. Makeup bag;
8. Puccho salt lemon sweets;
9. Hand cream
10. Tempo apple tissues;
11. Book;
12. Mineral water;
13. Shades.
After clearing out my bag, I knew I'd left out something- Keys and hand sanitizer.

Many thanks to Zoe from 13December and Amy for awarding me with 'The Adorable Blog', check out their cute blogs if you haven't already.

The Sweet Fuyumini tagged me with

They can taste Oh so bland, but I've taken quite a liking to them.
I'm the type who piles on the pounds by just staring at a cake, so I took up jogging for the sake of it, not because I love it. However, now that it's entwined into my weekly routine it feels weird not to jog every other day...even if it only means jogging for 15mins and walking for the next 45.
I think you all know by now how much love I have for SHOES!
I'm still in search for a red lipstick that compliments my skin tone.
5. Chewy sweets and Marshmallows- YUM!

Have a nice weekend!!


Blair said...

I'm the type who piles on the pounds by just staring at a cake

LOL I don't believe this sentence at all!

Fabulous EOTD! Now, I'm waiting for the Lunasol one hahaa

Old Cow said...

Pucker up deary coz that red is FOXY! I bought a red gloss with yesterday I was plannign on wearing it with a LBD and leopard print tights but then the word TRAMP came to mind! :(

XRocksmama said...

Nice EOTD! and I like your purse :P

Diane said...

I love your little pouch with the red dorothy shoes on it.

I can't wait for fall so I can bring out all my favorite red lipsticks! Have you found one you liked yet?

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hey Friendz

You're so lucky to get that P&J Iphone pouch, my iphone is naked right now hehe :)

I love your Chloe bag, it's so hot. Also your shoes, OMG you have such nice taste on fashion :)

amynaree said...

cute EOTD!! The Lash Feline mascara has such cute packaging hehe

LMX said...

"even if it only means jogging for 15mins and walking for the next 45"

lol that's 5 mins longer than I could jog! 10 mins and I'm good =P I've been trying to walk every other day, but I can't seem to find a good walking partner who won't complain about rain, sun, too chilly or too hot!

Emily said...

wah~ such great makeup
love the look is very pretty

ooh and your bag is so cute, great stuff that u got inside :D
its afun tag

congrats on the award!!! u totally deserve it

wow, thats cool dragon fruit hehe it looks so intersting :p
and great workout u do, i wanna b fit like u!!

have a great great day

love your blog always :]

Shopn'Chomp said...

What a pretty neutral EOTD, C! How do you like the HR mascara? I have heard good things about it.

Congrats on your award and thanks for doing the tag! :) I adore your Chloe bag. You are super organized. I don't have an iPhone but I certainly wouldn't mind getting that pouch! Love your hot pink pumps!!

P.S I love beef noodle soup too! Sure, feel free to name another comfort food for another entry...hee hee :D