Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Haul!

Hope you're all having a nice wknd, the weather's been so humid and dull in HK, it's rather depressing. So off I went to Causeway Bay- sometimes there's nothing better than some retail therapy!

Thought I'd give the (1) Methode Swiss Pore Minimizing Skin Treatment a try- will give it a thorough review latter on. I bought myself some (2) sponge tip applicators and (3) wolfberry eye masks, from a brand called 水感肌 水の思う肌 it's labeled as Aqua Source on the price tags in the drugstores, but I'm still questioning the translation.

The packaging of the eye masks resembles the My Beauty Diary masks:
I picked up (4) a Arezia bath ball, some blotting paper (5) and (6) Foot Care plasters- these are great for blisters, as I find most plasters tend to come off after a short period of time. But with these thin sheets of felt, you either stick them directly onto your feet, or what I like doing is to stick them to the back of new shoes that give me blisters, as they help prevent further friction.

I Received some Samples from Suisse Programme, b.liv and Glycel too. I've tried certain products from all three brands in the past, and must say I quite like Glycel, but that's a topic for another day.

Last but not least- FOOD!!
Anyone fancy some dim sum?? Look at those pork dumplings shaped as a penguin and the white rabbit shaped marshmallows Yum!


Blair said...

I love dimsum!!! The penguin and rabbit shaped dimsums are so adorable!

Nice haul! Ahhh, I need to get some sponge tip applicators as well haha

Yumeko said...

haha the penguin is so cute!
lets go eat dimsum with mona!

Jess said...

Cute haul!
Oh, the dim sum look super yummy, and too cute to eat somwhow, hehe... <3

Miss.Friendz said...

Yumeko, I'm already planning on taking you and Mona to this place for dimsum, so thought I'd give you a preview LOL!!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Your DimSum are sooo CUTE :) I wish they do these over here, let me know how you like the Suisse Program, I remember seeing that at Sasa when I was in Hong Kong :)

Shopn'Chomp said...

Great haul, Chrissy! That dim sum is soo adorable and (yummy I bet)!

Jamilla Camel said...

I've never seen dim sum like that...SO CUTE!

Old Cow said...

you always haul nice things my dear xxxx

super taste x

MiuMiu said...

oooh! you're in HK!?! lucky you!!! I hope I'll live there one day...loooove HK so much!!!!!

M said...

when we hit up HK its gonna be DIM SUM DIM SUM DIM SUM!!!