Monday, July 20, 2009

Eyeing the bf's weekly fixes

Thankfully the typhoon has said it's goodbyes (for this week)
and the sun is out to play again.

Firstly my EOTD
It surely looked more dramatic in person but definitely very wearable colours for work.

Used my Lunasol 05 Orange Gradation palette
Too Faced shadow insurance primer
Chanel stylo yeux waterproof eyeliner
Rimmel professional liquid liner
MM Lash expander frame plus mascara

Random bits and bobs:
The bf picked up his fair share of caffeine over the wknd, calling it 'THE BLACK'
It's far from blue mountain coffee, but it's a quick fix.

My Mc'Donalds Grape McFloat
This is so TASTY!!
(grape flavored soda with ice cream)

If only all big and heavy magazine's were so portable.
The HK Milk magazine constantly comes up with the quirkiest covers. Again, its the bf's weekly dose of style and gadget info'

I like it, but I need help to read it!


MiuMiu said...

omg i need to go to hong kong NOOOWWW!!!! but i still gotta wait till next friday..i wonder if the mc grape will still be available

Old Cow said...

I am weraing my orange luverly today too! Have you been spying on the BF?

Mine has been buying colour pencils lately...wonder what he is up to!

Miss.Friendz said...

MiuMiu- the grape McFloat is part of Macie D's new summer menu so I'm sure it should still be available until September.

Glow my dear- Colouring pencils A' H-San is probably sketching ya in private. If not, he may be conjuring up something to make.

Blair said...

Ooooh, I like your EOTD! And, techie stuff flies over my head as well hahaha

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Oh man..Grape flavor at Mackers, that's so cool :)
Thanks for sharing the orange Gradation :)

Diane said...

Great EOTD! The float looks so yummy. That Milk magazine looks so awesome, I would want one just because it looks cool! =)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thanks so much for stopping by my dear, the McDonalds float sounds soo delicious!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Lovely EOTD! Those neutral colors look really fab on you!

Ok, why do you guys always get all the fun cool eats at your McDonald's?! *is jealous*

Hee hee...that mag cover is crazy cool....

Fuyumini ❤ said...

McD in Asia always have the best flavors. :-9 *drools*

Zoe said...

I love ur eye make up and the magazine looks so cool, I wish they had something like that here^^;

Midtown Girl said...

Love it! What kind of tip does the Chanel Eyeliner have? I'm a fan of the brush tip, so if this one has that, I just may have to pick one up!

MizzJ said...

Mmm that float looks so refreshing! How come we don't get cool stuff like that in NA :( Love your smoky day EOTD, perfect use of blending.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

pretty fotd!! i liked how you defined it :) Cant wait to head to HK in Sept!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

oops i mean eotd lol

♥akisa♥ said...

thanks for the EOTD with the orange gradation palette! I'm still thinking whether to buy this.. I wanted a peachy eye look..

♥akisa♥ said...

thanks for the EOTD with the orange gradation palette! I'm still thinking whether to buy this.. I wanted a peachy eye look..