Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Digging out me old jewellery

I've been digging through my stash of boxes and found a few pieces of jewellery lurking around. After giving them a bath, I've taken a few pics to show you what I found.

These silver/leather hoops are pretty new, they were purchased in Harvey Nichols 2 years ago.

Yay!! I found a stash of old bangles, there was more but I couldn't fit them into the pic'

Don't these look shiny??
I've never worn them, but considering I found them in my box I gave them a good polish.

Bangles purchased from a little hidden shop yearsss ago.

This has got to be 10 years old.

Remember the days when chokers were IN' trend.


The older Chinese generation LOVES their 999 gold, this was a gift from my Uncle 16 years ago, reminding me to CALL him whenever I wore it. He's a sweetie and a right joker.

In another box where I keep my treasures...
A gift from my dearest and talented cousin.
Hand made and original!!
She makes alot of jewellery out of paua/mother-of-pearl and produces silk wraps and cards.

You can purchase these and more through her website
Go check out her beautiful pieces of art.
(NO thieving her designs, otherwise I'll be on your back like a leech and I'll make sure she sues your butt off)


Zoe said...

Wow..I love ur jewellery,they are so unique ..makes me wanna post mine^^;

By the way,the choker made me laugh for a second well ofcourse bringing back some memories^^

Love ur post^^

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I love those leather earring, so funky:)

Shopn'Chomp said...

Omg, that gold bracelet from your uncle and your explanation made me laugh!!

I never knew what type of gold that was called until now. Thank you :P

FuriousFeng said...

What a wonderful collection! I tend to buy jewelry and forsake them in a box. Maybe it's time I should air them out and share them with the world as well? Heheh. =)

MizzJ said...

Nice collection of jewellery! haha your uncle's bracelet story made me laugh.

M said...

for some reason i can hear your oh so sexy british accent in my head when i read this! LOVEs it