Thursday, June 4, 2009

Toy Watch

I have a new toy today- A Gray Plasteramic watch from

It's it's plastic...It's Plasteramic!

What is it about mine that doesn't look as good as the one they show on their site, better lighting and photography?

This certainly won't be practical as an everyday wear- but it's light weight feature will be good for the odd fun weekends. It's seriously so light- feel's like a child's accessory.


Blair said...

A Plasteramic watch sounds interesting!

I know you mean, my photos are never as good as the ones in the websites hahaha

Miss.Friendz said...

Blair, you're certainly doing a better job than I am with pics. Unfortunately mine are always too dark, and the coloration is not true to the eye. Hence, I haven't started my first make up tutorial yet.

shanghainese Dumpling said...

OMG OMG I have to say this I think we have really similar tastes, things you buy I happen to buy them too we should do a beauty swap or gift swap one day heheh :)

I got this exact same watch too in the white ceramic, Cooool I love Toy Watch

Miss.Friendz said...

Great to know there's another toy watch fan :)