Friday, June 19, 2009


There are so many ways to play around and decorate nails, but I've never been creative in this area and don't pay much attention to my nails other than to just paint them. After receiving a pack of 3D rubber art stickers from a friend- here's my bit of fun!

Rimmel London PRO Professional Finish in 319 Ruby Me
Quick review- it dries quickly, the maxi brush gives an easy application, and two coats gives an even pigmented finish. Even with a top coat, it tends to last no more than 5 days before it starts chipping.

KINU 3D Rubber Art Stickers from Japan.

I applied two coats of Rimmel polish, waited for them to dry and placed the stickers on.

The stickers are still adjustable after they've been applied to nails, you can use tweezers to position them more accurately.

Apply any brand of top coat, I used Sally Hansen's Mega Shine.

A quick and easy way to jazz up them nails.


Shopn'Chomp said...

Very cute!

Blair said...

WOOT! Red hawt nails hahaha

ALEXANDRA P. said...

love the black lace!

M said...

red white and black! very nice!