Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Masks, and more Masques to come!

Ive stocked up on some more masks. The Isqueen Whitening Essence Collagen Mask has won me over after a month's use, I had to repurchase some more, it's so good value. It's a sheet mask, with milky liquid, there's so much of the essence left in the pack I apply it all over my neck and hands (3 masks for the price of 1).

There's a slight fragrance to it, but nothing too strong. I wouldn't say it's whitening effects were great, but it did brighten up this dull face of mine, plus I felt my skin feeling alot more plump. Definitely money well spent- they were so affordable.

The second review is on the Firming Lift Coenzyme Q-10 Mask, this gave me no lift whatsoever, but I wasn't too surprised, it's not exactly a miracle mask. It mentioned all this goodness about Vitamin E, Green Tea, Q-10 extract and so forth so I was sucked in.

I'd describe this mask as being more refreshing than anything else. Would I buy it again? I'll try a few more before I decide, but I'm feeling lukewarm about it at the mo'.
If anyone wants to give the masks a try, give me a shout, am always happy to share my findings, and no I'm not expecting anything in return- it's so sad when people do.

Yasumi this pic is for you, what do you think of my miniatures LOL! :


Old Cow said...

OMG!!! YOU HAVE THE ONE ONE!!! Now all we need is to find a way to enlarge it and hey PRESTO!!

Must post a pic of my light for youx

nice mask haul! I am sooo into my masks lately too

Miss.Friendz said...

Maybe I should take a better pic of it and enlarge that and stick it on my wall LOL!

I can't go without my masks, being in air con' places really strips the hydration out of my skin, and the winters over here are so damn dry.
I love masks!

Yumeko said...

oooh lookie cute cute chairs!!!

oh! i saw those masks and wondered how they were

thanks for sharing!