Monday, June 15, 2009

Majolica Majorca & Coffret D'or CM Eyes Review

I've been searching for a neutral eyeshadow palette for a while now, one which is not too shimmery for day wear so I previously purchased the Majolica Majorca BR788. The colours are a bronzy tone, which is nice for summer.

Overall the shadow texture blends quite well, but I'm NOT keen on the cream base at all. There are odd flakes of glitter which I just can't get to blend evenly. After three attempts, I still end up with one eye looking more glittery than the other, so I've given up now.

Over the weekend I bought myself a new palette from the Coffret D'or summer collection which was out on 9th June in HK. Coffret D'or Colour Mixing Eyes in #05, I was contemplating between #01 and #05, which are actually quite similar earthy shades. But in fact #01 is a brighter shade of goldy/bronze.

Here's my swatches:

Overall it's a good palette of colours for general use, the refined shimmery texture of the shadows thankfully mix well, and it comes in a pretty silver mirror compact with pink rhinestone like details.

For those of you who are seeking for something more glossy/shiny/sparkly then I'd say the Colour Mixing Eyes line is not as sharp as the SA/3D Lighting eyes collections.


Old Cow said...

ooooh the coffret d'or palette looks scrummy!!! I am trying ever so hard not to buy anymore eye shadow...and then I saw the new Visee ones and I have been wanting a peachy colour for ever so loooong!!!

Miss.Friendz said...

I haven't tried Visee eyeshadow's before, so just checked their website- am loving the sophisticated packaging on their new palette. The peach/pink/brown tones look fab...oh temptation, temptation LOL!

Whit said...

that coffret palette is simply dreamy- let me know if you ever wanna swap! i want to get my hands on one of those lol!!