Saturday, June 6, 2009

I can never have enough shoes

I received a pair of shoes in the post today,
from a sweet friend in Korea.

This, I certainly was not expecting so it was a lovely surprise...weekend here I come!

This new edition to the family of Friendz shoes need to hit the town.

On the subject of shoes, there's nothing better than a pair that takes your fancy and brings you comfort. I'm not sure if it's to do with my old age, but my tolerance in wearing uncomfortable shoes have seriously hit the limited quota. I started wearing heals during my teenage years and have never turned back. But I hit a phase two years ago where pain struck me down and any form of heals would be unbearable to walk in. After X-rays and so forth, I was suggested to put away my beloved stilettos and stick with flats for several months.

Even though there are millions of choices to choose from in terms of flat shoes, I still didn't come across a pair that didn't need breaking into- I hate the process of sticking plasters on inorder to prevent blisters or scratching until leather softens etc. Therefore I'm always very picky with shoes and can take up so much time in a shop trying them on, walking about, prancing around LOL.

After constant moaning to a particular shoe loving friend, I was suggested to try the brand French Sole, and boy oh boy have I fallen in love with them. The selection and styles of their ballet pumps/flats are to die for- ok a touch of exaggeration there, maybe not die but to live for LOL!

I'm liking their Harriet Style's that have a deeper plunge to the front of the shoe allowing more toe cleavage. This particular style also has no left or right foot, as they mould themselves to the shape of your feet.

After two years of wear and tear my first pair have already taken it's toll (bearing in mind I did almost live in them everyday), needless to say I already bought my second, third and forth pair way before they started to die on me. I must say they do stretch a little over time, but would surely recommend them to anyone who's searching for a pair of ballet pumps who want comfort and colour.

This is how they looked 2 years ago:

...and now...totally overstretched, but still SO comfy:

Here's a taste of what they have on offer:


Yumeko said...

thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!! i am glad u delurked!! so now i can find ur blog and stalk it too heee

i love high shoes but like u, i also stopped wearing them and now i wear mostly flats

good thing i am considered tall in japan [not anywhere else hahahha]

Miss.Friendz said...

Thank You for following Yumeko, and it's always nice to meet another lady who likes her high heels.

Unfortunately after wearing flats, this shorty kinda disappears in the crowd LOL!