Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hauling more masks

I popped into my local drugstore over the weekend and couldn't help but smile when I saw My Beauty Diary Masks - 我的美麗日記 on sale, these have been one of the best selling masks going in Taiwan, and with the discount how could I not cave and try them out. They were originally HK$115 reduced to HK$58 (£4.58) (US$7.48) for a box of ten. There was such a wide selection I was spoilt for choice.

Two particular types that caught my eye were the Platinum Nanocolloid Masks Series- a series of hydrating masks for dull skin, and the White Truffles Fantastic Whitening Masks - restores radiance and like the name, apparently whitens. These cost a touch more, but I'll probably give them a try latter.

I decided to go for a box of the Apple Polyphenol Masks instead along with a one week value pack that contains 7 different types (at least this way I get to try out more and the value pack only cost HK$39 in the sales (£3) (US$5.00).

I'm loving the My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask, the smell of sweet apples appear as soon as you open the pack, yet thankfully the fragrance isn't too strong, in fact it slightly fades after a while. The apple mask is claimed to hydrate and tighten pores and regulates sebum secretion which sounds fandabiedozie to me. Unfortunately I could only read 30% of what's written on the box as my Chinese is what you would call "in serious need of improvement".

Final Verdict: Yes it works, I love it and I'll be buying this again!!
Ok, let's get realistic here, my skin hasn't suddenly refined to the point of baby soft and poreless looking. But I do feel that my pores have slightly tightened, it's refreshing and thankfully my sensitive skin wasn't irritated by this product. This mask isn't as hydrating as others I've come across, but to me, it's worth trying.

Note: I've read several reviews where some ladies have experienced irritation with MBD masks, so those who have extra senstive skin, should be wary.

As for the My Beauty Diary Value Pack, it contains:

Black Pearl Mask - Gives whitening effects and restores radiance and glow.
Bulgarian White Rose Mask - Extra moisturising, brightening and soothing effect.
Sake Yeast Mask - Retains and replenishes skin moisture, improves skin metabolism.
Pearl Powder Mask - Extra nourishing, gives brighter and clearer complexion.
Red Wine Mask - Moisturizes, increases skin elasticity, provides whitening effects.
Apple Polyphenol Mask - Minimizes enlarged pores, balances oil, clearer complexion.
Strawberry Yogurt Mask - Moisturizes, balances uneven skin tone.

I haven't tried these yet, but will give them a review soon.


Old Cow said...

I really want the apple one and the truffle one and the sakura one!!

greedy me

Yumeko said...

ooooh i really like these masks but i cant get them here

can u please tell me where to get them in hk? i am going there in july

thank you!!!

aichaku-愛着 said...

oo you're making me lust for those beauty diary masks.

Miss.Friendz said...

I was quite surprised they worked, as there are so many products out there that states the efficiency of pore tightening, and hardly any live up to it's name.

I definitely give the Apple mask 2 thumbs up!!

M said...

i want to try the apple one so bad! will pick it up when i'm in HK

Blair said...

I have heard of good things about the MBD masks, but haven't been brave enough to try them out ;p Some bloggers complained that these masks caused breakouts

Blair said...

Ahhh yes, did you notice a whitening effect from any of these masks? Whitening is my crack, I'll definitely jump on board, breakout or not lol ;p

Miss.Friendz said...

So far, I've only tried the Apple, Natto and Camellia Mask, and neither is for whitening.

The following are for whitening:
Black Pearl
White Truffle
Pearl Powder

But I have read that some get an allergic reaction from the 'Black Pearl Mask' so you have been warned LOL!

I'll be trying the white truffle tomorrow, so will let you know if I turn into Snow White :D

aileen said...

I have the apple one! in love with it! girl , u're lucky to be in hk! everything is available there! hahah

Miss.Friendz said...

I'm loving the apple mask too!!

Due to the fact that HK doesn't produce many skincare products they import alot of brands, so I guess we get the best of both worlds having Asian and European brands to choose from. :)

Mind you we do lack in certain American brands though...maybe I'm just finding faults LOL!

shanghainese Dumpling said...

OH coool I'll give this a try next time, always wondered about this beauty diary range, you are the first who reviewed this :) among the people I know