Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fruit shopping with Mr.Canon Camera

As we've always been told, in order to achieve healthy looking skin you need to top up on your daily dose of Vitamin C' be it applied as a cream, or better still to eat yummylicious fruits that contains vitamins.

HK is a region that is full of fresh and exotic fruits, and that's one thing I've fully enjoyed after moving here.

So here we go- fruit shopping with my camera!!

Driving my trolley down the fruit isle I come across must by Dragon Fruits! Full of Vitamin C and low calorie.

Blimey there's heaps of them. *o*

Guava and Loquat, I love Loquat's, they taste refreshing, not too sweet and according to Chinese herbal practitioners, they're good for the lungs.

Baby Papaya at the back facing Big Daddy Papaya.

Known as the "Queen of Fruits" The Purple Mangosteen is scrumptious and certainly one of my favorite fruits- so sweet and juicy!

Here comes the "King of fruits"- the Durian, I'm afraid I still haven't grown to like these.

Look at the size of those Watermelons.

STAR Fruits- Carambola!!

I haven't tried fresh Figs before are they tasty??

I'm clueless of what these fruits are, but it hurt like hell when I tried poking at it as I assumed the spikes were soft- DUH!! Anyone know the names of these??

Ok, fruit all stocked up, juice anyone??

Considering I've got so much healthy fruit in the trolley, it's now time for some junk food. Love these crisps! Jack N Jill Potato Chips Salmon Sushi Flavor. You get a pack of wasabi powder in there too.


When did Burger King start producing crisps? I've never come across these before.

Check out time, blooming heck I've bought enough to feed ten.
Damn I've squashed my fruits as well!

At home eating me banana's, how much smaller can they get??


Blair said...

I love these fruits! I miss easy access to berries and cherries in the UK though..

Old Cow said...

Guavas are my favourite fruits EVER!!!

eeeeeew Durian!!

Bananas scare the life out of me.

Miss.Friendz said...

Blair: Thankfully it's quite easy to get my hands on cherries and strawberries in HK. But as far as the rest of the berries are concerned, they're sold at sky high prices in the bigger western supermarkets so I'd rather go without.

Y: Me like Guavas too, and they smell so gooood.

Why do banana's scare you? There's a Chinese old wives tale that say spirits live under banana tree's. So weird!!

Frances said...

Your photos are so nice!

Hmmm, I'm not a fan of dragon fruit. I bought a kilo before for my mom. It definitely looked curious. While it was colorful outside, the insides were plain white with black seeds--so visually arresting! Then we ate it and it was so bland and strange. Like pears and kiwi.

Miss.Friendz said...

Thank You for stopping by and commenting Frances.

I must admit the dragon fruit does have an acquired taste. Overall it is alot blander compared to other fruits, but if left to ripen, it becomes a little sweet.

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hiya! Love the food porn! I miss HK. The hubby and I would totally live there if we could. How long have you lived there?

Miss.Friendz said...

Shopn'Chomp: Hi, thanks for following! I love the variety of food we get over here, it's just non-stop eating for me. I've been living in HK for several years now.

FuriousFeng said...

You're so lucky to be living in HK! I went to visit last august, I fell in love. It's like NY on steroids! Haha. I love all the food there, and it's in HK that I first had a taste of mangosteen! So goood! I would really like to visit again. What part of HK are you living?

Also, thank you so much for all your encouragement and support! Makes me want to work even harder on my pieces. ^^

Miss.Friendz said...

FF: Thank you for stopping by!!
I really like your creative pieces, I've been dropping by to take 3rd and 4th looks at them and will probably stalk your blog now LOL!

I live on HK island, where there's easy access to shopping in Central, CWB and Admiralty LOL!

You've certainly described HK quite well, the place just never sleeps.

Jess said...

Ohhh... yummy fruits! I LOVE Guavas and watermelons! :p

M said...

dragon fruits! I saw those on the streets here and had no idea what they were! haha