Monday, June 8, 2009

Treatment creams for eczema & dry skin

For those of you who suffer from extra dry skin that has resorted to dry patches or eczema I've come across two creams that are worth trying, the Eumovate and Eurcerin. On a personal level, my eczema is thankfully not as severe as others I've come across. It usually crops up during winter.

I've tried both creams mentioned and I prefer Eumovate a touch more, as it seemed to work faster for me. When the eczema flares up the Eumovate tends to calm the redness/dryness and I can see a drastic improvement in under a week. So I constantly have a tube of either of the creams at home- for the just in case!

Both of the creams were bought in the 'Boots' chemist in UK, I'm not sure if it's sold in Asia or the states, but it can be bought from Amazon. Obviously for those who suffer a severe case of eczema then I'd suggest you see a doctor. The creams worked for me, but may not work for everyone.

Eumovate- eczema & dermatitis cream
For more info:
(Note: this cream should NOT be used on the face)

Eucerin Intensive 10% w/w Urea Treatment Cream
For more info:


Yumeko said...

i have cream from the doctor but will check these out too

Miss.Friendz said...

The creams prescribed from doctors in HK are pretty intense, which work well, but 2 weeks latter the eczema's back. So when I was back in UK, I picked up these two creams. Was quite surprised to see how well they worked, and they're quite reasonably priced too. It saves a lazy bum like me, from having to go to the Doc's.

Jennifer H said...

Hey Ms Friendz :P! the link i'm following you is alright!! I just want to say that I want to have the Maquillage Face Creator too!!! but I have way too many blushes LOL do you have an obsession with certain makeup item?

keep us updated with the Face Creator when you created a look! :)

Miss.Friendz said...

Hi Jen,

I can't live without my eyeliners and mascaras, my eyes look dead without them LOL! I'll do a review on a few soon.