Friday, June 12, 2009

Eyeliner Comparisons

I always feel that something's missing when I leave home without applying my eyeliner- call me vain, but my eyes feel naked without it. The fixation with eyeliners started in my teenage years- that was so many lunar years ago. But I've gotta praise the ancient Egyptians for this great invention.

I believe liquid eyeliners tend to have a longer staying power than pencil, but do correct me if I'm wrong, at the end of the day I can't live without either.

The following is what I've been testing over the past few months:

1. Make Up For Ever Aqua eyes (0L)
2. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof- Long-Lasting Eyeliner (10)
3. Rimmel London Professional Liquid Eye Liner (001)
4. Maybelline Ultra Liner- Waterproof

I was rather impatient, so didn't wait for the liquid liners to dry before I took the photo:

Here's a photo after vigorous smudging:


CHANEL has longer staying power compared to MUFE, it's slightly more pigmented too, I like the retractable pencil where you can wind up/down, but the disadvantage is it snaps easily if you wind up too much (This is my second Chanel pencil), I also like the built-in sharpener at the opposite end. It costs more than regular eyeliner pencils but to me it's worth the pennies.

MUFE's Aqua eyes is a very soft pencil which is good for the waterline, it's so easy to tight line with this, the pencil just glides. But for a person like me who has small and heavy eyelids (almost monolid) it tends to smudge onto the top half of my lid when I draw a thick line. However, I still like using this to tight line, as it's the smoothest pencil I've come across.

RIMMEL is cost effective, and has a long thin brush, which I like for creating natural looks. It usually lasts about 6 hours before it starts to run, but do bare in mind I have oily lids.

MAYBELLINE's short brush and packaging is not appealing. But if we're on the subject of cost, waterproof ability, long lasting and pigmentation, it wins the race.

(These comparisons are based on several months use)

Are you bored with my reviews yet? I am LOL!!!!!!!!!!


aichaku-愛着 said...

it's good to know there's a pencil liner that's even better than MUFE, i'm putting that chanel on my list. MUFE works really well for me though. maybe cos i have drier skin.

Yumeko said...

interesting! i like mufe pencils for my lower waterline but i used liquid eyeliners for my upper waterline hahah isnt that weird

Miss.Friendz said...

MUFE works better for me when I'm in the UK, I guess where the weather is drier.

But since I've found Chanel, I've been using that more often as I find it's waterproof ability is stronger.
(Probably suits my oily lids and the humid weather).

Blair said...

MUFE smudges on me... I've gotta try that Chanel e/l =D

Blair said...

LOL!!! If you do become Snow White after using the MBD mask, please let me know asap. I'll buy was it Truffle? a truck load hahaha

Hehehe, Mr Henney is DISHY indeed!