Monday, June 8, 2009

Contouring with Maquillage Face Creator & MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

The Maquillage Face Creator (3D) was introduced early in Spring 09', and I'm sure many of you have been using this for quite sometime now, but I've just purchased mine several weeks back. Having tried using this contour palette to create more definition, I find it quite easy to use- Only when I have the time. However, I still haven't been able to create a better look than the Sales Rep.

As the make up artist Kevyn Aucoin once said "A face is like a canvas, and you can transform your look through the power of make up in any shape or form." - I'm still working on it.

I purchased the No'33 palette.

The compact case and refill are sold separately

  1. Highlight Colour for the nose;
  2. Top Cheek shade & used to define the eyes and on the top half of the T.Zone;
  3. Blusher Shade;
  4. A nuance shade used under the cheekbones/around the hairline/jawline;
  5. A blending colour for (3) and (4)

Overall it's not a bad purchase, and I'm taking quite a liking to the colours, however when I'm on the go' especially in the morning's I just don't have the time to contour every section of my face. So I've been using the No'4 section of the compact more than the rest of the shades.

The downfall for me is having to use their brush as I find it difficult to blend, so I tried using my own stippling brush but the difficulty is picking up the colour, as the sections are so small. Does anyone else have this problem??

So when I'm now on the go, I've resorted to using my MAC Mineralize skinfinish Natural as a contour shade. This was recommended to me by Ling my Fab make up artist matey. The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is actually a matte low coverage face powder used to set the foundation (they call it matte, but I can still see slight shimmers when applied).

If you choose a shade darker than your regular skin tone, it works just as well as a natural contourer or even a bronzer, so it's worth trying if you can't be bothered with a palette full of colours.


Old Cow said...

Nice palette. I have been thinking about getting a new face contour thingy but I keep emptying out my cart because of the guilt!! LOL

Miss.Friendz said... crack me up. I've been procrastinating about this contour palette for 3months now. Then it took me a few weeks to decide whether to blog about it, as there's already hundreds of reviews.

Blair said...

That MQ palette is so tempting! Ahhh, beauty bloggers are bad for each other's wallets ;p

Miss.Friendz said...

Totally agree Blair, the more I read, the more I crave to buy LOL!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

This is great that you've done the info on the contouring palette I bought it too and throw away the instructions so now I'm not even sure if I'm applying the right colour at the right place heheheh

Miss.Friendz said...

It does take some getting use to, as there's so many colours in the quad. So long you use the lighter shades to highlight and the darker tones to define your features, you can't go wrong :)