Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chairs Chairs Chairs

Having read the fabulous Y's post on her love of chairs, I decided to do a sequel and dedicate this to her.

I've had a passion for modern classic furniture for a while now, and coincidentally it was the bf who purchased the baby below.

Charles & Ray Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (LCW)- walnut veneer- horn finish (manufactured by Herman Miller). Unfortunately this is not a vintage piece from 1946, but we still love him to bits- yes somehow I've decided it's a boy LOL!

Due to the limited space I have in the apartment, he proudly lives in the bedroom.

The following is by no means a product of Charles & Ray Eames, but I picked this up 2-3 years ago on one of my walk abouts when I needed a desk chair. Yes, I know it doesn't come close to a regular looking desk chair, but it's so comfy, and me like it.

Now the following is on the top of our list- I so want one!!!


Old Cow said...


My BF is going to swoon when he cops an eyeful of this I tell you!!

Thank you for this wonderful post.

Guess what??? We bought a light yesterday x

Miss.Friendz said...

Ohhhh, show me, show me,
Me wanna see your new light.

Thank YOU for your lovely comments.


Old Cow said...

I will put a pic up for you tomorrow.

I want a lounger too but I like the WHITE one...I KNOW....not for the purists!

Miss.Friendz said...

Look forward to seeing your pic tomorrow.

I enjoy my cleaning but I can imagine how conscious I'll be with a white lounger. No doubt I'll be sitting on it with a leather polish at hand LOL.

So I think BLACK is for me, the dopey one who spills food and tea everywhere.

Blair said...

It looks like a futuristic chair!

Miss.Friendz said...

The first Lounge Chair and Ottoman were produced in 1956, the designers just present pure creativity and talent.