Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Saturday in Central

I've been so busy reading other people's blogs over the past few days, I've totally neglected my own, being too inconsistent with blogging, L.A.Z.Y me needs to get back on track and get this baby flowing.

I decided to give beauty shopping a miss this wknd- a girl like me is not fortunate enough to go on splurges every week. So I decided to greet the sun with open arms, and spend an afternoon on another one of my walk abouts with my Lomography Fisheye2 camera.

Central in HK is just as busy as any other cosmopolitan city, but thankfully there are so many small street's and alleyways on the upper side (upper side not meaning classier, but in fact on higher ground). You will always find a place that is less crowded but full of small shops that have their own individual sense of style, not to mention the antique market too, which I love hanging around in.

The first step to reach there is taking the LONG escalators, which seem as if they go on forever.

Only seeing two people through these lenses is like a miracle, the mid-levels can't be this quiet for a Saturday??

Errr...I don't think I've come across this road before- I was lost, but it was so much fun exploring new parts of town. I've been in HK long enough to know every street considering HK is so small, but daft old me is terrible with directions.

Outside an Art Gallery.

A local Chinese Antique Shop- I would have taken a better view of it, but the owner was giving me 'THE' eye, and I could tell an outburst of "NO photo's" was going to erupt any second.

The 4 hours walking around Soho and the upper part of Central made me hungry so my bf and I went in search for FOOD, what's he looking at??

The day went past so quickly, I hope we'll have another sunny weekend....I know it's only Monday but I so look forward to Saturday's. We've had so much rain over here, I feel like I'm in London. But surely London doesn't rain as heavily, I couldn't even see out of my window 2 weeks ago.


aichaku-愛着 said...

i've been going thr your posts as you can see! :D i need to get me a lomo. ur pix are v interesting! maybe i shd go back to hong kong for a visit. the last time i was there was more than 20 yrs ago! :D

aichaku-愛着 said...

i tend to like my lashes to appear long, wispy and fluttery. in that sense, i love fiberwig. it works really great for me in the extreme Singapore humidity. but when i wore it in korea & japan in spring (i was there in apr), fiberwig gave me alot of problems. it was flakey and didn't apply nicely (abit clumpy) at all. yumeko thinks it's the weather that makes the difference.

Miss.Friendz said...

Oh you should definitely pay HK a visit, this place changes by the year LOL! (In the sense of more sky scrappers I mean, honestly don't know where they find the space to build so many).

I tried fiberwig a while ago, I love how it gives me more length and volume, but they kinda weigh my lashes down. So the curl falls out after a while and I end up with straight lashes that point down haha.

Again, I tried using it in UK, and it gave me a totally different outcome. Works so much better when I'm there. So I think Yumeko is right, the weather makes a difference. Have you tried Helena Rubinstein's Lash Queen??

Miss.Friendz said...

P.S Lomo's are fun!!