Monday, May 25, 2009

Lunasol Modeling Water Liquid Foundation and Control Makeup Base Review

I did a spot of shopping last Friday and came home with a few makeup items. I don't usually shop in SOGO, as it's very crowded in there, but other than SOGO I don't think Kanebo-Lunasol is sold anywhere else on HK island. I was pleasantly surprised though as SOGO are holding a 'Thankful Week' from 22 May to 31 May 09' and many brands have at least 10% off, or have selected skincare kits for 40% off. Bare in mind it's going to be busy there during peak hours like lunch time or evening, so I'd suggest ladies head there earlier during the day, or possibly latter.

I mainly concentrated on purchasing a good foundation, as I'm getting bored with the regular one I use. I've read so many good reviews about Lunasol- mainly about their Water Cream Foundation, but after I arrived at the Lunasol counter and spoke to the Sales Rep' to get some advice, I changed my mind.

I have combination skin, as like with many ladies it means dry cheeks and an oily T-Zone, and with the weather being so hot and humid, I was advised to try the Modeling Water Liquid Foundation instead. Apparently it's supposed to feel lighter on the skin and still be able to cover pores and rough textures.

The Lunasol Base Makeup Kit was introduced in February 2009' in Japan as one of their 10th year Anniversary collections. When I purchased the kit, it didn't come with the makeup bag, which I wasn't too bothered with. But just to let those of you who'll purchase the set from HK know.

Base makeup Kit includes:
  • Modeling Water Liquid Foundation 25ml, SPF17 PA+ (six selection of shades)
  • Control Makeup Base 25ml, (choice of three shades)
  • Nuance Change Foundation 7g, shade 01 Natural Glow
  • Under Eyes Base 2g, shade 01 Natural Beige
  • Micro Finish Powder N. 3.5g, Shade 02 Natural Beige
  • Morning Wakening Massage 10g
  • Night Refining Cream 10g

I purchased this Lunasol Base makeup kit for HK$590 (US$76) (GBP48) so it was not bad at all, compared to the regular price of HK$870. The Foundation and Control makeup Base are regular sizes, and the rest of the items are sample sizes.

I've tried the Lunasol Modeling Water Liquid Foundation along with the Control Makeup base for two days now, wearing both each day for over 10 hours. I was out doors on Saturday (even though it was pouring down), and I've been in an air-conditioned home all day Sunday, so I think it's a pretty good test to see how well- or NOT, this works.

I chose The 03 shade of Control Makeup Base which they've named 'Clear' but it's actually a beige colour that is supposed to even out yellowy skin tone. It did hold up to it's name and felt quite hydrating on my skin and gave the face a slight colour to prepare it for the foundation.

I liked the pump bottle as well, which is hygienic and easy to disperse, and the texture of the liquid was easy to spread. However, it didn't make my skin feel as soft as I would have liked, but maybe I'm just asking for too much LOL.

The next step was the Lunasol Modeling Water Liquid Foundation in the shade OC03, it did look a touch dark after dispersed from the bottle, but once it was spread evenly, it looked lighter. I blended this in with my fingers, rather than using a sponge. The texture was very similar to the base, but it dried far more quicker, which meant having to blend it in quickly before it caked in one area. I will use a foundation brush the next time I apply it, and will see if there's a difference.

There was also small shimmery particles on my hand, but once applied to the face, I couldn't see any shimmers at all.

The foundation states it contains approximately 55% water composition, and I could tell the difference of how lightweight it felt on the skin. The final application gave me a light-medium coverage and a nice dewy look.

I do have large pores around the nose and cheeks, and I don't think it does cover visible pores, so I used my 'Maquillage perfect pore cover' on top of the base, for my nose area, which gave a better coverage.

I'm afraid the photo below doesn't do the foundation much justice, as there was poor lighting in the room. I have the Lunasol Control makeup base and foundation on my right hand.

The final outcome for outdoor use, I would give it 7/10, although I was told the foundation is resistant to sweat and sebum, I still had to blot three times during the day, as it's just inevitable to sweat in the hot climate of HK. I'm sure those of you who live in the States or Europe will have less of a problem with this matter. The reason I still give it a 7/10 is the fact that the foundation didn't crease or cake after a full day's wear. The colour matched my skin tone perfectly and overall looked very natural.

As for wearing the foundation all day in an air-conditioning environment, a definite 8/10, I only blotted once during the 10 hours I wore the foundation and it certainly is long lasting. After hours of prep' in the kitchen and prancing around during the dinner party and drinking too, the foundation stayed put.

The foundation will work well for OL's, who are looking for a natural light-medium coverage, also being in air-conditioned environments all day draws out so much moisture from the skin, a foundation with a high composition of water will surely be beneficial. Plus the sophisticated glass packaging looks good too- so that's a bonus!

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