Monday, May 11, 2009

MAC's A Rose Romance Limited Edition Blushers

After a packed day around town this weekend in Central, I managed to get my hands on MAC's new A Rose Romance Collection - Blush of Youth Beauty Powder. There were two colours to choose from:

Blush of Youth - A sheer pink with gold pearl
Summer Rose - A soft violet pink with pearl

The packaging looked cute, which lured me into buying it, however it's certainly not as pigmented as other MAC blushers I've used in the past. Blush of Youth portrays to be a warmer toned of the two, but still too sheer for my liking. It doesn't do well as a blush, but possibly as a blush enhancer or a highlighter.

So if anyone who has a more porcelain skin tone or is looking for something more sheer and natural, then I guess this is an item you could try.

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